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Sick Family & Friends

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NameRelationship/Requested ByDate Posted
NameRelationship/Requested ByDate Posted
Marion Dostaler Wife of Br. Newell Dostaller July 17, 2004 
Mrs. Connie Cipres Sister-in-law of Br. Marcel Cipres February 11, 2005 
Cindy Gonzales Requested by Br. Peter Tice  February 18, 2005 
Miss Becky Cipres Daughter of Br. Marcel Cipres February 22, 2005 
Wendy Hart Wife of Br. John Hart, Sr., PGK  March 24, 2005 
Mrs. Ellen Riopel Wife of Br. Denny Riopel, PGK  May 14, 2005 
Fr. James Ries St. Mary’s Church. Fullerton  May 18, 2005 
Ms. Cindy Steinmeyer Daughter of former Br. Ken Belleville  June 10, 2005 
Mr. Hubert Gosselin Cousin of Br. Phil St. Amant. PGK  July 15, 2006 
Mrs. Sandie Pannone Wife of Br. Tony Pannone, PGK August 26, 2006 
Mrs. Eileen Charbonneau  Wife of Br. Larry Charbonneau September 15, 2006 
Mr. Michael Chacon  Son of Br. Augustin Chacon  October 4, 2006 
Mrs. Celia Dominguez  Wife of Br. Joe Dominguez  August 31, 2007 
Mrs. Lois Waterman Directed by GK Peter Tice  December 11, 2007 
Mrs. Jane Tice  Mother of Br. Peter Tice, GK  April 26, 2008 
Kerri Maureen Towles  Daughter of Br. Jerry Towles, PGK  August 14, 2008 
Rev. Kevin McManus, OSA  Former Pastor of St, Pius V  August 18, 2008 
Mrs. Vicky M. Hughes  Wife of Br. Patrick Hughes  October 14, 2008 
Mrs. Josephine Turcotte  Wife of Br. John Turcotte  May 13, 2009 
SK Robert Villalobos, IPSD   October 4, 2009 
SK Bobby Velasquez, PGK, PDD   December 12, 2009 
Mr. John “JD” Demeter  Son of Br. Jack Demeter, PGK  September 11, 2010 
Mr. Michael Boloboski  Brother of Br. Craig Boloboski  September 11, 2010 
Mrs. Dee Demeter  Wife of Br. Jack Demeter, PGK  October 23, 2010 
Roberta Stillman  Mother-in-law of Br. Jesse Garza, GK  December 18, 2010 
Miss Marybell Gomez Requested by Br. Jesse Garza, GK April 25, 2011 
Showing 26 items