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NameRelationship / Requested By
NameRelationship / Requested By
Mary Lois McGraw  Mother of  Br. Greg McGraw  
Peggy Kichler  Mother-in-law of Br. Ken Stewart  
Brendan Cross  Brother-in-Law of Fr. John Grace  
Olivine St. Amant  Mother of Br. Phil St. Amant, PGK  
Dorothy M. Witte  Wife of Br. Paul Witte  
Gladys Marzolo  Widow of Br. Danny Marzolo, PGK  
Fr. Peregrjne Graffius, O.S.M.  Former Pastor of St. Philip Benizi  
Fr. Thomas Tevington, O.S.A.  Associate Pastor-St. Pius V  
Genero (Gene) H. Monreal  Father of Br. John Monreal  
Manuel Nunez, Jr,  Son of Br. Manuel B. Nunez  
Earl Redenboughe  Father-in-law of Br. Henry Malarski  
Stanley Gins  Father of Fr. Paul Gins, O.S.M.  
Mrs. Jean Hoy  Wife of Br. James Hoy (RIP)  
Mrs. Pat Barry  Wife of Br. Ted Barry (RIP)  
Mrs. Katheryn Leon  Wife of Br. Tony Leon  
Marianne Seniw  Wife of Br. Nicholas Seniw  
Nancy Ann Pennella  Sister of Br. Ralph Pennella, PGK  
Mrs. Sadie Polloway  Wife of Br. Rocky W. Polloway  
Mrs. Elizabeth Schreiner  Wife of Br. Wilhelm Schreiner  
Deacon Fred Pellitier, PSD, FDSK   
Mrs. Edith Chum  Wife of Br. Donald J. Chum  
Joanne Brittany  Friend of Br. Tom McLaughlin  
Rev. Msgr. John F. Sammon.   
Baby John Angel Demeter  Grandson of Br. John Demeter, PGK  
Mrs. Mae Vernile  Mother-in-law of Br. Jim Kozlowski, PGK  
Mrs. Callista Cleary  Mother of Br. Peter Lucas  
Rev. Patrick Crilly, OSA  Former Associate Pastor-St. Pius V  
Marcia L. Muller  Directed by Br. Jim Kozlowski, GK  
Jo Ann Vincent  Mother of Br. Jeff Shifflet  
Mrs. Brenda Merindino  Mother of Br. Travis Merindino  
Mrs. Mary Archetti  Wife of Br. Anthony Archetti  
Mr. John Dickinson  Member of Knights-On-The-Go  
Mrs. Anna Lou Bowes  Wife of Br. Maurice Bowes  
Debbie Stephens  Granddaughter of Br. Lenny Terlizzi  
Lupe Maciel  Friend of Br. Marcellino R. Cipres  
Mrs. Dorothy Garcia  Wife of Br. Manuel R. Garcia  
Mr. Michael Riopel  Brother of Br. Denny Riopel, PGK  
Rev. Patrick Hussey, SJ  Requested by Br. John Muller, PGK  
Mrs. Jean P. Marquez  Daughter of Br. Don Knapp  
Marcella Olson  Mother of Rev. Theodore Olson  
Mrs. Martha Russell  Wife of Br. Kenneth E. Russell  
Caroline Regenfuss  Mother-in-Law of Br. Jeff Shifflet  
Mrs. Bibianne Macdonald  Mother-in-Law of Br. Phil St Amant  
Mrs. Barbara Brown  Niece of Br. Lenny Terlizzi  
Mr. Gavino Masinsin  Father of Br. Erwin Masinsin  
Mrs. Barbara Geldbach  Wife of Br. Earl J. Geldbach  
Mrs. Delores Ek  Mother-In-law of Br. Rusty Restor  
Mrs. Janet Stewart  Wife of Br. Kenneth M. Stewart, Jr.  
Mrs. Romana Garza  Mother of Br. Jesse Garza, DGK  
Br. Robert Owens  Father of Br. Steve Owens  
Most Rev. Norman F. McFarland.       (Retired Bishop of Orange)  
Mr. Marc St. Amant  Cousin of Br. Phil St. Amant, PGK  
Mr. James Martellacci  Nephew of Br. Ray Hoag  
Mrs. Dorothy Ormsby  Widow of Br. Leland Ormsby  
Mrs. Lucile Quigley  Requested by Br. Ray Hoag  
Mr. Robert Muller  John Muller. PGK  
Mr. Daniel Tafoya  Brother-in-law of Br. Manny Gonzales  
Mrs. Frances Stanisich  Widow of Br. Frank Stanisich (RIP)  
Ms. Elaine Turcotte  Sister of Br. John Turcotte  
Mr. Michael P. Hoag Son of Br. Ray Hoag 
Mr. John McGraw Father of Br. Greg McGraw 
Rev.Fr. Timothy Walsh, O.S.A. Former Assistant at St. Pius V 
Mrs Eileen Charbonneau Wife of Br. Larry Charbonneau 
Showing 63 items